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DANIEL’S MISSION is to assist musicians who desire a piano that will propel their playing skills to greater levels, requiring an instrument capable of excellent musical performance and inspiration.

It is imperative that a musical instrument does not distract or impede a musician’s technical or creative progression. Their piano must be mechanically correct, enabling the pianists to advance their playing skills unhindered by the instrument’s condition or quality of design. Achieving this goal may be as simple as having the piano professionally reconditioned, though sometimes it may require replacing the instrument with a higher quality new or pre-owned piano.

Daniel specializes in full-service acoustic piano service of select Asian-brand pianos; mostly Kawai, Yamaha, Hailun, Samick and several other affiliated brands.

Daniel began selling various brands of new pianos in 2010. He now offers Hailun, Sauter, and Petrof piano brand as an Authorized Piano Sales Merchant.

Want to learn more about selecting the right piano? You can find a blog post on the topic here.


  • Authorized Piano Sales
  • Selection Consultation Specialist
  • Preowned Sales Assistance
  • Professional Evaluations
  • Insurance Reports
  • Appraisals

Pianocare907 offers:

  • Comprehensive Technical Service of Acoustic Pianos
  • Certified Service Technician
  • Repairs, Reconditioning, and Restoration
  • Tuning (all levels)
  • Tone Regulation
  • Touch Regulation
  • Dampp-Chaser Piano Climate-System Installations

Daniel’s Tuning Rates:

An Initial Tuning Service appointment is $220. As clients preschedule regular intervals of service 10% to 20% discounts are applied. Daniel’s rates accurately reflect the level of experience, training, and professional certification he has achieved.

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