World Pandemic Disrupts Spring Piano Service

An Update from Daniel & Pianocare907 I would like to provide a quick update concerning my availability for piano tunings this spring and a ‘Spring Cleaning’ service I will be offering for the rest of this year. But more importantly, I hope and pray that you and your families are healthy, safe and not discouragedContinue reading “World Pandemic Disrupts Spring Piano Service”

Choosing the Right Piano

As a former music educator, I understand how crucial it is that a musical instrument not impede a musician’s technical and creative progression. A young student eager to learn piano can lose interest if they quickly outgrow their instrument. Their piano must be mechanically correct, enabling the pianist to advance their playing skills, unhindered byContinue reading “Choosing the Right Piano”

Adventures in 2020, and a new company name this summer

(The travel plans mentioned below have been cancelled/postponed. Up-to-date information can be found on my home page. This COVID-19 pandemic has brought about greater change than anything I was attempting to do this year 😕. I hope and pray you and your families stay healthy and safe 🙏🏻.) This new year is going to beContinue reading “Adventures in 2020, and a new company name this summer”