About Daniel

Daniel Terwilliger is a professionally certified Registered Piano Technician of the Piano Technician’s Guild (www.ptg.org). Daniel has been an active member, a technical instructor, and a chapter officer of the Alaska-Chapter PTG for 18 years.

Daniel has received specialized technical training from Kawai and Yamaha and is an Authorized Warranty Technician for various Asian-brand piano manufacturers. He has regularly attended national PTG Technical Institutes – continued education and technical training in Anaheim, Atlanta, Bellevue (WA), Chicago, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Nashville, Ontario (CA), and St. Louis.

A professional piano service technician since 2002, Daniel has acquired a database of nearly 3,000 clients, performing nearly 13,000 piano tunings. Daniel has also installed 300 piano climate-control systems and is a Dampp-Chaser Field Expert of these climate systems.

Daniel specializes in full-service acoustic piano service of select Asian-brand pianos, mostly Kawai, Yamaha, Hailun, Samick and several other affiliated brand names.

An Initial Tuning Service appointment with Daniel is $220. As clients preschedule regular intervals of service 10% to 20% discounts are usually applied. Daniel’s rates accurately reflect the level of experience, training, and professional certification he has achieved.

Anyone who talks to Daniel quickly learns that he is passionate about his family and his piano-service business. A life-long Alaskan, Daniel will be splitting his time between Anchorage, Juneau, and New Zealand in 2020 – with a few other trips planned along the way! His first blog post shares a bit more about these travel plans. Please subscribe to stay in touch and keep tabs on Daniel’s travels.

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