Choosing the Right Piano

As a former music educator, I understand how crucial it is that a musical instrument not impede a musician’s technical and creative progression. A young student eager to learn piano can lose interest if they quickly outgrow their instrument. Their piano must be mechanically correct, enabling the pianist to advance their playing skills, unhindered by the instrument’s condition or quality of design. Achieving this goal may be as simple as having the piano professionally reconditioned, though sometimes it may require replacing the instrument with a higher quality new or pre-owned piano.

My mission is to assist musicians who desire a piano that will propel their playing skills to greater levels, requiring an instrument capable of excellent musical performance and inspiration.

I am happy to assist my clients by acting as a Selection Consultation Specialist. I start by asking various questions to more fully understand what your piano needs and desires are, then guide you in selecting of an instrument that will be the right investment for you and your family. I can also put you in contact with other clients who may be selling a suitable pre-owned instrument that would match your needs.

Ultimately, my goal is to help my clients select the right piano that will bring them enjoyment for many years, to enable the pianist in the family to achieve greater musical growth and success.

Interested in finding the right instrument for you? Give me a call or fill in the message form on my Contact Page.

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