Daniel Terwilliger

Daniel Terwilliger


Big Changes Ahead in 2020!

Many of you may have heard that 2020 was set to be a year of travel and big changes for me and my company – but no one could have predicted how quickly the COVID-19 pandemic would change life for us all! If you’re curious, I had outlined my original plans for 2020 in this previous blog post. These travel plans have of course been cancelled or postponed, and I will be remaining in Anchorage for now. I still hope to move to Juneau, but it will most likely be next summer, July of 2021. When I eventually make Juneau my home-base I will still regularly visit my prescheduled piano clients in the Anchorage area. At the end of this year Pianocare907 will officially become my new company name for the Service aspects of my company, a business name chosen to reflect the eventual change in home address. But I will likely continue using Southcentral Piano as a name associated with piano sales, especially in the Anchorage area.

With all these transitions ahead I wanted to create a space to keep my friends and piano clients up-to-date regarding my availability. My hope is that this blog will help us to stay in touch throughout these changes, as well as provide useful information about my piano technician services, including new piano sales. To see recent blog posts, click on the ‘Blog Feed’ link within the menu button at the top of this page. And please help me stay in touch with you by clicking the ‘follow’ button at the bottom of the page.

Dates and Destinations

  • Juneau – 2 week trip mid-March, 2021
  • Still hoping to move to Juneau – summer, 2021 (maybe 😐)

Technical service Daniel offers:


Daniel has received specialized technical training from Kawai and Yamaha and is an Authorized Warranty Technician for various Asian-brand pianos. He has regularly attended national PTG Technical Institutes, continued education and technical training in Anaheim, Atlanta, Bellevue (WA), Chicago, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Nashville, Ontario (CA), and St. Louis.


A Registered Piano Technician is someone who has achieved the membership and certification level of the Piano Technician’s Guild (www.ptg.org). This achievement assures your piano technician has passed a series of competency exams in piano tuning, technical ‘touch’ and ‘tone’ regulation, various aspects of repair, and an understanding of piano technology.


Since 2002, Daniel has acquired a database of nearly 3,000 clients, performing nearly 13,000 piano tunings. Daniel specializes in full-service acoustic piano service of select Asian-brand pianos, mostly Kawai, Yamaha, Hailun, Samick and several other affiliated brands. He has also installed 300 piano climate-control systems and is a Dampp-Chaser Field Expert of these climate systems. An Initial Tuning Service appointment with Daniel is $220. As clients preschedule regular intervals of service 10% to 20% discounts are usually applied. Daniel’s rates accurately reflect the level of experience, training, and professional certification he has achieved.

About Daniel

I’m a life-long Alaskan, father of two grown daughters, and a grandfather. I am fortunate to have found my vocation in servicing pianos. I value the relationships I’ve built with my clients, a lot of them for nearly 2 decades, and I hope this blog will help us stay in touch during this year of adventure and transition.

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